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get your
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Jessie's Kettle

1555 US-511
Hewitt, NJ

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Rt23 South West Milford
Just Past Lakeland Plaza


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We are working on this…but fb page is currently down. Thank you all for your continued support. Without you guys, we wouldn’t be here. We sincerely thank each and every one of you🙏🏻❤️ ...

Today Tuesday 8/2/22! Noon till the tacos are gone! Taco Tuesday at the Rock! 522 Amboy Road , Keyport NJ! Please support the Rock and the Bartenders! Grab lunch, a drink, and enjoy some tacos!

Thank you !

Please spread the word and please come support a good cause. The Bud Bus crew will be there. Share, repost, and come support a good cause with a few good laughs. ❤️🙏🏻 ...

Trish Trish and Raven Mead are two bad ass bartenders! Come see them in action, along with the Bud Bus! Tomorrow Tuesday 7/19/22
11 am till the tacos are gone! Taco Tuesday at the Rock! 522 Amboy Road , Keyport NJ! Might see Trish, might see Raven, might see both….but you will see smiles on everyone’s faces! Please support the Rock and the Bartenders! Let me know you support the Bud Bus, and you support the Rock! Grab lunch, a drink, and enjoy some tacos too! Tomorrow! Let’s gooooooooo!

Coke down tomrorw to the Rock! Address in picture. Some see your favorite bartenders down south, and grab some greee gifts from the Bud Bus! Come support your local bar/resturant and tell everyone there the Bud Bus sent you!!! Thanks guys! Hope to see everyone tomrorow ! ...

about us

Bud Bus Company Inc. was formed in August 2021, in the State of NJ. We are a 100% legal business, operating all over the state. We believe we have the best party bus in the NY/NJ area! We have accomplished filling a void! Now, everyone, everywhere, can enjoy the gifts we have to offer. As the laws keep evolving and changing, The Bud Bus Company Inc. is fully up to date on all the changes. With the guidance of our legal team, and CPA firm, we hope to service you anywhere and everywhere! With every purchase from our truck, you will receive a free gift, as our thank you!
Please come check us out at our many locations!

how it works

As a thank you, the Bud Bus Company Inc; will offer a free gift with every purchase. We have many items for sale, from air fresheners, to tee shirts, to lighters. All items are listed on our menu, and the menu is subject to change. We accept cash, venmo, and paypal only. Go over to our menu tab, to see what items are being offered as free gifts today! Simply go up to our window, purchase one of our many items, and walk away with your awesome free gift(s)! Our specialty is weddings and parties and private events. If you have any event, with 20-25+ people that are over 21 years old attending, please reach out to us!
We would love to come put smiles on your guest’s faces!


bag of cannabis totalling 3 grams (sativa, hybrid, or indica).


bag of Bud Bus gummies


vape cartridge (size 1 gram)


(2) Pre-rolls (1.5 gram each, total 3 grams)


(3) pieces of chocolate (each piece 50 mg, total 150 mg)


(1) gram of shatter, crumble, or wax

our partners

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  1. Is this legal? Yes! In the State of NJ, marijuana possession up to 6 ounces is legal, per person, so long as the person is 21+ years of age or older. Remember, we are not selling cannabis; we are selling lighters, air fresheners, tee shirts, and more. The cannabis gift…..is exactly what it says…..”A Gift”.
  2. Can I purchase cannabis from the Bud Bus? No, we do not sell any cannabis. We sell different Bud Bus products, and offer the cannabis as a gift with every purchase. It is not currently legal to sell marijuana in the state of NJ, it is only legal to possess it.
  3. Do you accept Credit Cards? No sorry, due to the current regulations, we accept cash, venmo, and paypal only.
  4. Do I need a medical card to get my free gift? No, as long as you produce a valid ID, 21+ years old or older, you can receive your free gift.

contact us

We would love to hear from you. Call anytime 323-OGK-WEED, email us at info@budbusinc.com. Book us for your next party, wedding, event, card game, etc. Simply fill out the form, and someone from our staff will get back to you shortly. Please take a moment to give us a like on FB or on IG @budbusinc.
We appreciate all the support.